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Welcome to Grythyttan Coffee & Tea.
During centuries Coffee & Tea has been a bewerage used for socializing but has as well contained  significant trade politics. Coffee houses, Tearooms and Confectioner's shops have been places to meet and discuss both for adults as youth, were appropriate and will be so continuously.  
Coffee in arabic is Qahwa and freely translated it means "Vine from plants" and is supposed to have been spotted in Ethiopia back in 11th Century. As it's written the technology to roast the Coffee beans was developed by the Arab Community  back in 14th Century and came to Europe by tradesmen in the 17th Century.
Coffee has since trade increased been spread throughout the world and is today grown in both in Latin America, South America, Africa and well as in Asia. 
The trade have through the centuries faced big capital interests with significant impact on countries growing and harvesting Coffee & Tea and is today focused on Ecological and Fair Trade  enabling possibilities to create sustainable development in countries, with Coffee & Tea as part of its agricultural trade.
Grythyttan Coffee & Tea has established contacts in Africa and Asia as well as relations with companies in Latin America.
The Coffee delivered from Guatemala is recognized for it's high quality and considered to be one of the best qualities available on the market today.  Se further our overview of Coffee regions in Guatemala.
Try as well our Ecological Certified Tea products.
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