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Business concept

Grythyttan Coffee & Tea shall from a culinary perspective develop products and deliver coffee and Tea with high quality to customers with specific requirements. The Coffee and Tea shall be produced with focus on social and fair trade conditions and from an ecological perspective to meet requirement enjoyable to the satisfaction of our customers.

Company profile

Grythyttan Coffee & Tea shall via its brand deliver a variety of roasting and gridnings based on customer requirements in cooperation with Asian, African and Latin- and South America. Grythyttan Coffee & Tea will also be able to deliver raw coffee beans to customers interested to produce its own products from a small scale perspective.

In product development a particular intrerest is considered to environmental and social economic perspective in cooperation with farmers and it's trade organisations in various regions. We will also look at requirements from the following organisations or other recognised organisations in development of our products.

  • Krav - Swedish Environmental brand for Ecological grown food. 
  • Fair Trade - Ethic and Social brand with focus on human rights.
  • Utz Kapeh - E new brand with aim to guarantee that coffee has been produced based on envrionmental agricultural development combined with reasonable terms of trade.
  • Rain Forest Alliance - Behind a sustainable development of Coffee plant agriculture and harvesting.
  • 4C - Common Code for the Coffee Community - Behaviour Agreement within the global industry.

Grythyttan Coffee & Tea business idea is based on the Development of the Culinary Centre Grythyttan, Sweden. Grythyttan is geographical located in the County of Örebro and in the Community of Hällefors.

The funder of Grythyttan Coffee and Tea is born in Grythyttan.

Contact details
Mr. Olavi Trydhed
Managing Director
Grythyttan Coffee & Tea
Vidjavägen 58
SE - 123 52 Farsta
Phone:            +46 (0) 708 942783
Facsimile :     +46 (0) 8 7079069
E-mail:             olavi.trydhed@grythyttancoffee.com
Skype:             olavi_trydhed
URL:              http://www.grythyttancoffee.com
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