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Product overview

General products

Grythyttan Coffee & Tea have possibilities to deliver a wide range of products and roasting qualities, grinded to customer requirements or delivered as full bean based on taste and requirements. 


Depending on requirements we are able to deliver Espresso, either as a traditional mix using pure Arabica and Robusta or 100% Arabica that gives the roasting a softer taste. The later is not Espresso as the original recipe and we prefer to name it as Italian Roast.

Tea products

Grythyttan Coffee & Tea delivers different blends of Tea and are today able to deliver green tea, black tea as well as herbal and fruit teas. Origins for this products is in Asia and Africa and Latin America.

Package sizes

We deliver our roasted Coffee in a variety of sizes such as 250g, 500g, 1 Kg, 3 kg etc. Raw Coffee is normally delivered in packages of 60 Kg but we are upon requirement able to deliver raw coffee in package sizes as equivalent to our roasted coffee depending on customer requirements. We deliver our roasted coffee in a soft package with vacuum seal and with a one way valve.  This means that we under pressure replace the oxygen with carbon dioxin or nitrogen. The methodology is a success and gives the coffee a long lasting freshness if package is not opened, however if package is broken the coffee is recommended to be consumed ASAP as the coffee starts to oxidize. We are as well able to deliver other types of packages upon customer specific requirements.

Raw Coffee Beans

Grythyttan Coffee and Tea delivers beans from Asia, Africa and Latin- and South America. The Coffee is grown in altitudes between 600 m to approximately 2000 m above the sea level and depends on type of beans and from region delivered. The Coffee threes grows on volcanic, limestone, pumice and clay soil and this gives the beans their specific characteristics.

Arabica (Arabica Coffea)

Grythyttan Kaffe & Te delivers Arabica beans processed using the washed methodology, after pulping the cherries, the beans are fermented for a period of 16-20 hours, washed and then the parchment-covered beans are sun dried. The dry methodology means that the cherries are picked and dried in the sun with no processing until the cherries is dry. This style usually has more body and more fruit than the washed style.

Robusta (Coffea Canephora)

Grythyttan Coffee & Tea delivers as well coffee to those ho are interested to developed it's own Espresso style brand. The beans delivered by Grythyttan Coffee & Tea is an unique Robusta grown at 1300 m altitude above the sea level and is considered to be unique and one of the best Robusta Coffee beans in the business.

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