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Guatemala - Coffee Regions
HUEHUETENANGO HUEHUETANANGO - The region has the highest non-volcanic peaks in all Central America, which are in the Cochumatanes Mountain Range. Huehuetenango is by far the most rugged and remote area in Guatemala. IT is the driest and highest of the three non-volcanic regions that produce specialty coffee. Thanks to the dry, hot winds that reach the mountains from the Tehuantepec plain in Mexico, the region is protected from fros, so that coffee can be cultivated up to 6,500 feet.  Very aromatic with wine notes. Pronounced, fine acidity with pleasant wine note tendency. Clean full body. 5,000-6,500 feet (1,500-2,000 meters) Limestone




ATITLŔN - Most of the coffee -ninety percent- cultivated in this region comes from the slopes of the volcanoes and mountains that surround Lake Atitlán. Eighty percent of coffee cultivated in this region is done so by small producers which are mostly from ethnic Maya origin. Of Guatemala's four volcanic coffee regions, the soil in the Atitlán region is the richest in organic matter. Not only is there an abundance of organic matter, but there is a low incidence of pests which is ideal for organic coffee cultivation. 

Intense and delicate. Pronounced and crisp acidity, with a pleasant fruit note. Full and good body. 5,000-5,600 feet (1,500-1,700 meters)





ANTIGUA - Antigua Coffe comes from a region characterized by rich volcanic soil, low humidity, abundant sunshine and cool nights. The coffee that grows in this region is cultivated in a valley skirted by the Agua, Acatenango and Fuego Volcanoes. Some days, the Fuego Volcanoe -one of Guatemala's three active volcanoes- erupts, and a mineral rich ash falls on Antigua's soil. This is Guatemala's oldest coffee growing region and its coffee is renowned around the world.  


Elegant and fine aroma. Fine and pronounced acidity. Full, delicate, and a well balanced body. Smooth and elegant

5,000-5,600 feet (1,500-1,700 meters) Volcanic with pumice


COBŔN - The word Cobán comes from the Maya Q'eqchi' word cob, which stands for "the place of clouds". The region Cobán is cloudy, rainy and cool all year long. The soils where coffee trees grow are from limestone and clay origin. Most of the coffee is cultivated on the region's hills and mountains, where special microclimates originate due to tropical influence of both the Atlantic basin and the tropical rainforest to the north. Very aromatic. Well balanced with fresh fruit flavor. Its body is fine and well balanced. 4,300-5,000 feet (1,300-1,500 meters) Limestone & clay
ORIENTE ORIENTE - This region is the easternmost of all the specilty regions and one of the newest areas to be cultivated. It is similar to Coban's climate, but not as extreme. The soils come from metamorphic rock which originated from a former volcanic range. It is different from volcanic coffee regions since there hasn't been volcanic activity since coffee was first cultivated. Aromatic with hints of chocolate. Well balanced and pleasant. Full body with chocolaty taste. 4,300-5,500 feet (1,300-1,700 meters) Metamorphic & clay
FRAIJANES FRAIJANES - This region is so extensive, that people standing on it don't realice it is a plateau. It is present in the middle of the country, and it is one of the oldest regions to cultivate coffee. The region is characterized by having volcanic soil filled with pumice, being high in altitude and having an active volcano. It is similar to Antigua but it varies in that it has high rainfall, high humidity and a wider temperature range. Very aromatic. Crisp and persistant pleasant acidity. Strong and intense. 4,500-6,000 feet (1,400-1,800 meters) Volcanic with pumice




SAN MARCOS - The region of San Marcos is characterized by having the most volcanoes, the warmest temperatures, by being the first one to flower and by having the highest rainfall. It has the most intense rainy season of all the seven speciality coffee growing regions; in some places, rain falls in torrential dulges- the annual rainfall can reach an impressive 197 inches. Very aromatic with a floral tendency. Pronounced acidity and flowery. Good and delicate body. 4,300-6,000 feet (1,300-1,800 meters) Volcanic

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