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Press release - Grythyttan Coffee & Tea


Grythyttan Coffee & Tea offers products with a variety of roasting and grinding using coffee beans from farmers in Asia, Africa and Latin & South America. Roasting will initially be made in country of origin to meet fair trade concepts but with ambition to establish a small roasting plant in Grythyttan to develop customer specific requirements and further branding, if further developed required.

In our product development we will consider environmental and social economic perspective in cooperation with farmers and our main contacts in countries delivering products to Grythyttan Coffee & Tea.
 Grythyttan Coffee & Tea business idea is based on the development of an culinary centre in Sweden and geographical located in the County of Örebro, situated in the village of Grythyttan and in community of Hällefors.The founder of Grythyttan Coffee and Tea is born in Grythyttan.

More information can be obtained from
Mr. Olavi Trydhed
Managing Director

Grythyttan Coffee & Tea
Vidjavägen 58
SE 123 52 Farsta
Tel: +46 (0) 708 942783
Fax: +46 (0) 8 7079069
E-mail: olavi.trydhed@grythyttancoffee.com
Skype: Olavi_Trydhed
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